Medieval Assam’s Affinity with Lord Shri Ram

The Northeast Dialogue

The finely chiseled and inscribed rectangular block has been found in the premises of the Kamrupa Anusandhan Samiti, currently the Assam State Museum, and also, the copper plate inscription mentioning the supply of Paiks, which start with the auspicious crown title “Shri Ram”, speak about traditional Assam and its great devotional affiliation with Lord Shri Ram. 
The rock inscription at the Northern Jaya-Duar of Borphukan's Mantra Bhavana (Darbar-Bhavana) at Guwahati saka 1660 (1738 AD) and the copper plate inscription were undertaken with the command of great Ahom King Swargadeo Siva Singha who reigned from 1714 upto 1744 in Assam.


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