From Serchhip to Stardom: Lalrinzuala Lalbiaknia's Inspirational Tale

The Northeast Dialogue

Amidst the annals of Indian football, a remarkable chapter unfolds as Lalrinzuala Lalbiaknia, hailing from the serene district of Serchhip in Mizoram, etches his legacy by seizing the title of top scorer in a solitary season of the I-League. The 23-year-old forward, donning the colors of Aizawl FC, has eclipsed the prior record jointly held by eminent Indian footballers Sunil Chhetri and Mohammed Rafi. His relentless display of prowess not only shattered existing records but also spotlighted the burgeoning talent emanating from Mizoram’s footballing terrain. Before Lalbiaknia’s extraordinary feat, Chhetri and Rafi shared the record with 14 goals apiece in 23 appearances. Lalbiaknia’s meteoric ascension witnessed him accumulate an impressive tally of 15 goals, accompanied by three assists, in a mere 18 appearances during the 2023-24 I-League campaign. As Lalbiaknia continues to navigate his trajectory within the realm of Indian football, his record-breaking accomplishment serves as a poignant testament to unwavering determination, adeptness, and the inexhaustible potential entrenched within the nation’s sporting panorama.


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