“Ramji Prabhu” temple in the heart of Imphal in Manipur

The Northeast Dialogue

The “Ramji Prabhu” is located at Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, under Imphal East district. The temple consists of three different idols- Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman. Besides these there are also idols of Garib Niwaj and Santi Das Gosai with his hand cuffed, which actually relates the temple to the “Ramandi cult”.  The Hanuman idols in “Ramji Prabhu Temple”, also has great significance in the depiction of “Ramandi Cult” in Manipur. The “Ramji Prabhu” is one of the old temples of Manipur which existed during the times of Garib Niwaj (1709-1789). It is said that on the 9th of Sajibu (April), people celebrated the “Ram Nabami” in the presence of the King as a coronation of Shree Ram to the throne. And on the 9th of Kalen (May), “Sita Nabami” was celebrated every year by many devotees. Other than the “Ram Nabami” and “Sita Nabami”, people also celebrated the ‘kwak Jatra’ festival at the temple. It is said that Rasa Leela is performed during these days with the presence of the idols altogether as a means of offering the dance to the Gods.The “Ramji Prabhu Temple” is built in bricks and cement and coloured in white. The grounds are floored in white tiles which gives a very elegant view of the temple. There is also a “Mandapa” where devotees accommodate during times of festivals and occasions. The temple is now under the supervision of the “Manipuri Manoharsai Ashram”.


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