The unsung Anglo-Manipur War Heroes deported to Kalapani

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Manipur’s fight against the British forms an integral part of a series of struggles which the freedom-loving people of Bharat fought in different forms and in different parts of this country. The heroic people of Manipur fought shoulder to shoulder with their fellow countrymen for the freedom of our motherland.

After the defeat at the Anglo-Manipur War in 1891, Maharaj Kulachandra and many other prominent leaders including Yuvraj Tikendrajit and Thangal General were also arrested and charged for waging war against the Queen Empress and abatement of murdering British Officers. Five of them were hanged and 23 people including Maharaj Kulachandra were transported for life at Kalapani, Andaman. The transported Manipuri war heroes from Manipur were believed to have interned at a Bungalow at Mount Harriet now called Mount Manipur. They faced horrific torture for the sake of Independence.

Manipur has been a contributor to the life of Bharat since the Mahabharata period. Today’s generation also makes the same contribution by taking inspiration from those heroes.

A book entitled ‘Unsung Anglo-Manipuri War Heroes at Kalapani’was released written by Sukhdeba Sharma Hanjabam and Aheibam Koireng Singh. Co-author of the book, Hanjabam Sukhdev Sharma said that even in difficult times the war heroes of Manipur protested against the food provided for them while they were imprisoned at Mount Manipur (earlier Mount Harriet) as the food was against the Vaishnavite culture. They cook their own food and continue to survive with strong Vaishnavism. He also said that when the Manipuri war heroes were not allowed to return home, they decided to rest till their last breath at holy pilgrimages like Nabadwip, Radha Kund and Vrindavan. Maharaja Bhagyachandra died at Nabadwip, while Maharaja Kullachandra died at Radha Kund. The freedom fighters not only fought for freedom, but they also fought for dharma. The sacrificing spirit of our forefathers is in our blood and their contribution makes the whole country strong.


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