Akshat Kalash reached Guwahati from Ayodhya

The Northeast Dialogue


Sri Ram is worshipped and adored as a national hero of Bharat, an epitome of ‘Purushathartha’ and his stories find diverse manifestation all over the country and even abroad. The story of the Prince of Ayodhya finds its way into the folk art, folklore and folk dances of Purvottar Bharat.

Ahead of the consecration of the Ram Temple on 22 January 2024., ‘Akshat Kalash’ is taken from Ayodhya to all parts of the country. Invitations for Ramlala's Prana Pratistha ceremony in Ayodhya's Ram temple are being sent to five lakh villages across the country along with the Akshat Kalash. Today this sacred Akshat Kalash reached Guwahati. Akshat Kalash will be sent to centers in all the states of Purvottar Bharat.


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