Arunachal Deputy CM unveils Anglo-Abor war memorial statue

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The Anglo-Abor war 1911-12 memorial statue has been unveiled by the Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Chowna Mein, commemorating the 20 brave freedom fighters at Kekar Monying, Kebang (Babuk) village in Siang district.

The Battle of Kekar Monying was a significant event where British forces faced Adi warriors in Babuk village during the Anglo-Abor War 1911-12. Lasting over 3 months, this epitaph not only honors Adi martyrs and war heroes, but also stands as a dedication to all who endured hardships, especially the elderly, women and children.

At the unveiling event, Mein highlighted the efforts of RGU professors towards uncovering the stories of over 220 Unsung Heroes of Arunachal Pradesh. The focus was on narratives from the Anglo-Khamti, Anglo-Wancho and Anglo-Abo Wars.

The descendants of unsung heroes and freedom fighters of the Anglo-Abor War were also present besides Rajya Sabha vice chairperson Phangnon Konyak, Karbi-Anglong MP Horen Singh Bey, Arunachal East MP Tapir Gao, RWD Minister Honchun Ngamdam and MLAs Biyuram Wahge & Ojing Tasing. 


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