Puan Perfection Weaving is an integral part of Mizo culture

The Northeast Dialogue

The Mizo's most significant handloom product is the weaving of the traditional fabric known as puan, which is still utilised in all their key festival occasions and festivities today. This traditional textile (puan) is especially prized for its ethnic variety, use of colour, and theme in weaving. Weaving is an important part of Mizo culture, and women learn to weave from a young age. Weaving is generally done by women, while the equipment is made by men out of various materials such as bamboo, tree bark, and animal skin.

In Mizo society, when a woman marries, one of the typical rituals is to bring puan to the groom's house and name it Thuam Chhawm, in which the bride takes many different types of puan to her husband's house, which is then given to the husband's family and relations.


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