'Morung' - An integral part of the Naga villages

The Northeast Dialogue


Since ancient times, 'Morung' has been an integral part of the Naga villages. The center showcases and enlightens the younger generation about the Naga way of life.
The Morung is a key institution of the Nagas, and also the center of the social life of all the unmarried male members of the society. It is the place for young boys where they learn about social practices and beliefs from their elders. 
The Morung is generally built on the edge of a steep slope to the highest altitude of the settlement area. It enables the morung members to watch and protect their village from sudden raids and attacks from enemies.
Morung was a tradition that was practiced before the advent of the Britishers. It served as the soul of the livelihood of the Naga culture. It is as well the centre for the social, religious and political activities. The Morung slowly faded from the Naga society. However, some important traditional rituals are still practiced and celebrated.


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