Lai Haraoba festival of Manipur || A celebration of the creation

The Northeast Dialogue


Manipur is a state, which is well known for its rich tradition and ethnicity. The state is also known as the land of festivals as there is hardly any month where there is no festival celebrated by the local residents.

The Lai Haraoba festival is celebrated with great joy as a remembrance of the Almighty’s creation of the universe and is an important traditional festival for the people of Manipur. Lai Haraoba is celebrated to pay respect and honour to the local traditional deities and ancestors. This festival is organized as a piece of memory of the contribution of God in creating the universe and also it is celebrated in the memory of the development of plants, animals and human beings.

Lai harabo festival is best known for its elaborate dance ritual dedicated to deities. During this festival, the local people dance before the idols which is a part of their customs and they also bow to the spirits of their ancestors in order to seek blessings from gods, goddesses and ancestors. Both the old and young people perform colourful and traditional dance and songs as a part of the celebration. They also perform dramas, where the people enact the lives of Khamba and Thoibi who are the hero and heroine of a popular folklore.


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